Hartman cartoon was offensive

April 28, 2014

I found Tim Hartman’s cartoon, which was published in the April 11 edition, very, very offensive. It showed a bloody knife held in a person’s hand.

We do not need to be reminded about this situation with a drawing like that. We don’t know what Alex Hribal, the stabbing suspect at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, has gone through in his life. Making a statement like, “Where did he learn to deal with his problems?”, is not helping his situation at all. He is a mere child and maybe no one has helped or taught him about coping with problems. Kids live with their hearts on their sleeves and are very vulnerable. They take criticism at face value. Some of them do not know how to face it head on and overlook what is said or done to them. Some never tell their parents about these things.

I just hope your newspaper uses better judgment in the future. I was certainly appalled when I opened my newspaper and saw that. We don’t know how these things influence another person, be it in a negative or positive way.

Kathryn Hess



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