Thoughts on the roads

May 10, 2014

I am glad a crew cut down two dangerous trees on Meadow Road in Hanover Township and they put up a stop sign where Purdy Road intersects Meadow Road. I travel the roads in Hanover Township and, in general, they are better than in Smith Township.

A case in point are Bulger Arch and Crossover roads in Smith Township. A deer would have a rough time crossing through Bulger Arch Road Tunnel. Why can’t Smith Township tear out all the fill they put in Bulger Arch Tunnel and put a concrete road surface through that tunnel?

Also, Route 18 from Burgettstown to the Slovan and Atlasburg area was recently resurfaced. To me, this road was really not that bad. It seems to me all they had to do was some patching and fix the road surface around the drains. The money would have been better spent fixing Center Avenue in Burgettstown where it turns into Joffre Bulger Road. That piece of road is terrible. They could have also used that money to make the bridge on Bulger Candor Road a two-way bridge.

The Marcellus Shale industry has a lot to do with what roads get fixed. Money talks.

Frank Allison



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