How about a pedestrian path along Route 19?

May 10, 2014

Your Sunday front page describes PennDOT’s proposal for improving the I-70 / Murtland Avenue interchange in Washington. A previous article, on April 24, reported the improvement is to include upgrading Route 19 between Oak Spring Road and Trinity Point Drive. I hope the plans for the Route 19 portion of this project will include a safe pedestrian/bicycle lane, which ideally should connect to the current sidewalk on Murtland Avenue at North Avenue and continue north at least as far as the intersection of Route 19 with Cameron Road and Manifold Road.

I drive along this portion of Route 19 many times each week and frequently see bicyclers and pedestrians, including a surprising number pushing baby strollers, struggling to navigate what is now a risky, sometimes non-existent, shoulder.

A safe path for pedestrians and bicyclers will serve folks traveling to shop, eat or work at the many businesses along this route as well as those traveling to the Cameron Center.

Nancy M. Weiss



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