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‘Crazy eyes’ on the prize

May 12, 2014

I received the best Mother’s Day present from my son this weekend, in the form of a hand-drawn magazine cover. A project from school, it was a picture of me – complete with “straw-like hair” and my “crazy eyes” – and I had won the Mother of the Year award.

The second page was the article he wrote on my award. It detailed the many reasons why I was the best mother, including because I am a good food shopper.

I apparently am also a good laundress, as he applauded the fact he “usually” has clean clothes.

In addition, I cook him breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I also feed the ducks. And while that duck thing actually sounds sweet, I must confess that I don’t recall ever feeding ducks, either with or without him present.

But his gift is both amusing and touching, and it will definitely find its way into one of my many scrapbooks.

I created quite a few layouts in the past couple of months, as opportunities to work on them have been available.

There were a couple of well-organized scrapbooking crops recently that were designed as fundraisers for various causes, including the American Cancer Society and Glenn Street Free Methodist Church’s youth group mission trip.

And since my “crazy eyes” miss little, I saw an opportunity to raise some money for a cause close to my own heart.

That cause is my oldest child’s senior project, which she calls, “Grandma’s Lap.” Designed to honor the memory of my mom, the project is a call for homemade lap blankets that my daughter distributes to dialysis clinics and other kidney patients. She believes the blankets will bring some measure of security, warmth and comfort to those suffering, much in the way that sitting on my mom’s lap comforted my daughter as a child. She already gave out 35 blankets, and has an order for another 35. (For more information, please look us up on Facebook.)

In order to further the project and help as many people as possible, she is hosting a scrapbooking crop fundraiser June 14 at Bethel Presbyterian Church in Prosperity. From 9 a.m. until 8 p.m., croppers can work on their scrapbooks, card projects or any other craft project they wish. Lunch and dinner are both included in the registration fee, and there will be door prizes, as well as a Chinese auction.

If your space is reserved by May 20, the cost is only $25, and space is limited to the first 25 paid registrations. For more information on the crop, email me, and I’ll send you details. It promises to be a fun day, so I know I will be there – straw-like hair, crazy eyes and all!

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