Worrying about fracking

May 12, 2014

When I bought my home in Prosperity, it was a quiet rural area. It has now been turned into an industrial work site.

Consol Energy has been developing gas well sites for at least the last year. The quiet has been replaced by drilling and fracking that occurs 24 hours a day. Sound testing has been done by company representatives and Morris Township. They agree the noise level is above those allowed in the township ordinance, but nothing has been to remedy this situation. My family is unable to sleep at night without using earplugs. Consol Energy representatives offered a small amount of money as compensation, but they required a signed release that would have absolved them of all responsibility related to the drilling. The township does nothing.

The wells also create air pollution. The clean air has been contaminated with diesel and chemical pollution. Representatives from the Department of Environmental Protection say their budget has been cut and they don’t have the resources to keep up with all the complaints.

I worry about the quality of the air surrounding my home and contaminants in our water supply that could harm me and my family. Nobody seems to have a list of chemicals being pumped into the earth during fracking. The company refuses to test my water for chemicals since the fracking started.

Where is my family’s right to live in a safe, quiet and healthy environment? When we moved here, that is what we had. Now it is all changed. Surely many others are also affected.

Walter A. Kasperowski



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