GNP concert sparks memories

May 24, 2014

Institutions are typically made of mortar and brick. But others are formed by people creating memories. The annual GNP concert at Waynesburg University is an example of the latter.

Now in its 44th consecutive year, the May 10 concert was an opportunity to sample a variety of music and reconnect with my personal history. I had the pleasure of attending the very first GNP show in 1970, and the most recent one. I found myself reliving bygone times while enjoying live music.

What sparked these recollections were the performers assembled for the one-night event. The festivities began with my long-ago psychology professor eloquently playing the piano. Waynesburg’s resident icon, Jimmy Randolph, followed, showing the art of playing the bagpipes. My former classmates exhibited their musical gifts throughout the evening. Neighbors and former high school students I once taught were enjoying opportunities to perform live. Even onetime pre-school playmates of my adult children were continuing their love of music while working in successful careers.

I commend Waynesbuurg University’s administration and Bill Molzon, a GNP veteran, for reminding me again why I came to Waynesburg College in 1968 and never left.

Bill Winters

Ruff Creek


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