A good verdict in Thomas case

May 24, 2014

I usually agree with what Oren Spiegler has to say. However, I disagree 100 percent with his Monday letter on the Brandon Thomas verdict.

Spiegler believes Thomas should have been found guilty. That’s his prerogative. I feel the verdict was right-on. It was a case of road rage gone bad. If someone were to reach into my car and punch me, should I sit there and take it? Thomas was right in defending himself, and maybe the gun wasn’t the right way, but he was a veteran of a terrible war and maybe felt very threatened.

I knew a prisoner of war from the Korea War and he was never the same after that experience. He would never remove his socks in front of anyone because of how he was tortured. So unless we walk a mile in their shoes, we do not know what they feel or how they feel.

It was a good verdict in my opinion.

Pam Morosky



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