Same-sex couple files for divorce

Photo of Barbara Miller
By Barbara Miller
Staff Writer

While the first marriage licenses for same-sex couples were pending during a state-imposed three-day waiting period, what is believed to be the first divorce case of a same-sex couple was filed Friday in Washington County Court.

Breanna Ealy of Fayette Street, Washington, filed for divorce from Sarra Ealy of Galaxy Drive, Washington. They were married July 17, 2010, in Cape Cod, Mass., but Breanna Ealy states, after a two-year separation, their marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

Attorney John K. Puskar, who is representing Breanna Ealy, requested permission from the court for her to proceed as a pauper because she is unable to pay the costs associated with the divorce action. Puskar said he is providing her with legal service at no charge.

While Ealy vs. Ealy apparently is the first divorce filed by a same-sex couple in Washington County, attorneys representing other same-sex couples have contacted the court about filing.

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