Part-time Pennsylvania cop wins $1M on Powerball

  • May 29, 2014

RANKIN (AP) – A part-time Pittsburgh-area police officer won $1 million in Saturday’s Powerball lottery drawing, according to his police chief.

Rankin police Chief Ryan Wooten isn’t identifying the officer, but said he’s a married father of three who works another job to make ends meet.

The officer walked into Wooten’s office Tuesday and asked the chief to examine the ticket. Then both of them went to the convenience store in neighboring Braddock where the officer bought the ticket.

“I was looking at the ticket, holding it in the air, and I was looking at the computer. I looked at the ticket like it was counterfeit,” Wooten said. “So we go down to the Super Stop, we slide it through the machine and it’s like a ‘one’ and all of these zeroes,” Wooten said. A one and six zeroes, to be precise.

The officer won the money by matching the numbers on five white balls drawn Saturday: 15-16-28-49-55, but not the red 18 Powerball.

The chief said he’s glad the officer won and doesn’t believe he has plans to quit his job as a result, though Wooten persuaded the officer to take the rest of the day off after learning he hit the jackpot.

“He didn’t want to go home. That spoke a lot for him,” Wooten said. “He has lived his life as a public servant to serve other folks and now he’s a millionaire.”


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