Veterans can access burial benefits

May 31, 2014

Thank you for the detailed report in the Monday edition of the Observer-Reporter on how the spouse or family members of a departed, honorably discharged veteran can access burial benefits.

A dishonorably discharged military veteran doesn’t have these rights. A disabled child of an honorably discharged veteran can be buried in any national cemetery using the military parent’s DD214 discharge papers.

President Bill Clinton signed the bill giving any honorably discharged veteran a military funeral with two Army representatives, but the family must ask the funeral director about this. They must also make a request through the funeral home if they want a full military funeral with “Taps” and three volleys of shots fired.

The family can invite the honor guard to the family luncheon and make a donation to the veteran’s post, but members of the active reserves or military cannot receive donations.

Dan McPoyle


McPoyle is a U.S. Navy veteran and served in the Vietnam War.


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