A superintendent should be a role model

June 7, 2014

The Trinity Area School District arrived at the best solution regarding Superintendent Paul Kasunich, as the newspaper asserted in an editorial June 1?

My dad, Jack Patsch, who died last month, was a community leader. No, he didn’t make $100,000 a year. He was a great role model, gave many kids in town their first jobs, and he hired teachers in the summer. He was first to the fire hall, giving his time fighting fires, driving the truck, and even as president of the company. When a man came into town exposing himself, it was my dad who told him it would be best if he left town and did not return. When a family needed help in talking with a child, my father was always there. Our town was safe, friendly, and a wonderful place to “grow up great.”

The superintendent of schools should be a leader, a role model, and a person who knows and loves their community. We have that in Dr. Roberta DiLorenzo, the superintendent of the Washington School District. She is out in the community working to improve it.

A community leader isn’t someone who is immoral, unproductive, or ineffective. Paying Kasunich for not working sets a bad example. He has been a role model no one should want to follow. Continuing to pay him for bad behavior and no work is wrong. The behavior of the people at the top of a system filters down. This has provided for poor role models, poor education, and detrimental action against some students and their families. Our community needs honest, caring, leaders who will show the next generation that life isn’t about the money one makes or their lifestyle.

We all must make choices to be honest, trustworthy, productive, on time and a positive support to others in our community. When people make these choices, they feel good about themselves and have a purpose in living. Isn’t this what everyone needs?

Gay Vroble



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