Disappointed in school board

June 7, 2014

I am extremely disappointed to learn that prior and current members of the Chartiers-Houston School Board have failed to guarantee continue funding of our local library. I cannot believe that their $17.3 million proposed budget for 2014-15 could not include $50,000 or more to keep one of the most valuable assets in our community open to the public.

Stop blaming “teacher pensions” for this mess. A while back, the state gave districts the opportunity to not pay into teacher pensions for 10 years. What happened to all those savings? What happened to the taxpayer and state revenue and surplus money? Where did it all go? This is what happens when you have a fiscally irresponsible school board that does not plan for the future and whose priorities often appear to be the construction of athletic programs and buildings instead of focusing on students, teachers, the arts and academics.

I would not mind paying more in taxes to the Chartiers-Houston School District provided that it continue to fund the Chartiers-Houston Community Library.

Barry N. Wood



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