Stay out of my kitchen

June 7, 2014

As I was preparing home fries with eggs and bacon for the kids’ dinner, comments from Michelle Obama’s commentary on childhood obesity, which appeared in the May 30 Observer-Reporter, were on my mind.

Was I adhering to federal guidelines on feeding my kids? Guidelines supported by science and what works? Should I write to my congressman, urging guaranteed federal funding for kids’ food programs that eliminate the very potatoes I was preparing?

As I read again the notions behind her personal crusade, I thought, “This is nutty.” When the country is $17 trillion in debt, the federal government has made itself the nation’s parent to show us all how to feed our kids properly.

We all know what the answer to childhood obesity is: good parenting. Such parents would impart wholesome life habits and skills for success in their children, not burden them with a physical problem. Active lifestyles with exercise and balanced eating work to maintain proper weight.

The federal government should manage its own house effectively and efficiently, and stay out of my kitchen. If anything is suffering from morbid obesity, it’s the federal government.

John Miller



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