Keep the pit bull at home

June 12, 2014

I read with interest the article on the front page of the Sunday Observer-Reporter regarding Neil K. Morris, a retired Marine who has a special relationship with a pit bull pup.

The article mentioned that a former owner had allegedly stabbed the dog because it had attacked her 2-year-old daughter, causing injuries to the child’s lip and forehead. If I witnessed an angry dog attacking a child, I would grab whatever weapon I could in order to save the child. This would be the natural impulse of any caring adult.

The newspaper did not acquaint us with all the facts involved, but it makes one wonder why the dog’s previous owner is being charged with animal cruelty simply because she was defending her little daughter.

Hopefully the dog will not be certified to appear in stores and public places as the present owner is requesting. The dog has proven to be a danger to children and perhaps to the general public as well.

Patricia J. Hurd

Oak Forest


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