Ohio woman sentenced for grandchild abuse

  • June 14, 2014

LOGAN, Ohio (AP) – An Ohio woman who shoved what she said were underwear soiled with feces into her 11-year-old granddaughter’s mouth as punishment for stepping on her injured foot has been sentenced to prison.

A secret cellphone video recorded by her 13-year-old sister showed the girl vomiting and 54-year-old Karen L. Sharpe of New Straitsville telling her to lick it up.

A prosecutor said Sharpe’s conduct “shocks the conscience.”

Hocking County Common Pleas Judge John Wallace sentenced Sharpe to three years for child endangering.

The Columbus Dispatch reported Sharpe had custody of the granddaughters for about three years after they were abused by their parents.

Sharpe’s attorney said she suffered an abusive childhood and marriage. He said she only pretended the underwear were soiled.

Sharpe apologized to her granddaughters in court.


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