Let’s talk about mental health

June 14, 2014

It is clear that the need for change in the mental health system is necessary.

As a clinical social worker, I see things that the average person does not regarding the mental health of people in this country. But I think that anyone causally observing the news and culture can see the signs of problems. Our children are growing up without some of the basic understandings of the significance of life. We have many parents who are doing the best they can, but do not know how to help their children and often are ashamed or embarrassed to ask. We have a society that values the dollar more than the person, therefore everything is driven by that.

I believe that U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy’s bill to overhaul our mental health system is great. I am proud that our congressman is on the front lines of this fight. There is no one angle nor answer to this problem. It is pervasive and it will not be solved easily. If people think that it is going to just go away with one piece of legislation or expanding laws here or there, in my business we call that denial. We all play a role and my hope is that the conversations can become educated, sensitive and constructive.

Jonathan Johnson



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