Funding cut is despicable

June 14, 2014

I received an email message from Citizens Library in Washington stating the Trinity Area School District is proposing a funding cut of $26,250. I find this despicable.

Already, so many funding cuts are affecting our children’s education. I find it suspect that Paul Kasunich, Trinity’s superintendent, has essentially been fired from his job and is receiving pay and benefits for another year, and then it’s announced the very next week that Trinity wants to cut funding to a much-utilized asset of our community. Am I to believe that this is mere coincidence? I think not.

This issue is being discussed at a school board meeting Thursday at Trinity’s high school auditorium. I find the timing of this meeting suspect as well. A lot of families go on vacation at this of year. Is the Trinity school board hoping to pass the cut in funding before anyone realizes it is gone? It’s wrong that the educational resources of our children must suffer so a man accused of domestic violence and driving under the influence can be paid for his transgressions.

Laura J. Kosol



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