EPA rules, treaty a betrayal

June 14, 2014

A hammer and anvil betrayal of the American worker is being enacted by a president who claims to be the friend of the working man.

With the tacit compliance of the Democratic Party and the AFL-CIO, union construction workers, railroad workers, coal miners, and the towns and businesses that depend upon their income, will be impoverished by the dictates of the Environmental Protection Agency. The Democrats are using the EPA to accomplish Karl Marx’s goal of “controlling the means of production” by controlling the means of combustion. Government-paid professors and the sycophantic liberal media pretend that we have an impending global-warming crisis.

To compound this forthcoming economic cataclysm, the president and Congress wish to foist upon us another free trade treaty, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Ever since NAFTA and the “most favored nation” status of China, America has suffered increased trade imbalances, higher taxation, inflation and unemployment. Companies and capital will flee to countries that impose lower taxation, lower regulations and have lower wages.

When we see the combined effects of hordes of illegal aliens seeking citizenship and competing for a declining number of available jobs, we are heading off an economic cliff.

Michael Guy



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