Questions about Chartiers-Houston library

June 14, 2014

School board members in all districts are unpaid servants. Their actions are controlled by state requirements more than local demands. While we look at our schools to be in a position to offer everything from books to basketball hoops, funding speaks louder than we may want to hear.

Following the news that the Trinity Area School District and the Chartiers-Houston School District may cut their contributions to local libraries, taxpayers are baffled. In the case of Chartiers-Houston Community Library, the building and grounds are owned by the school district. On Wednesday, the newspaper reported the district has used a state grant to fund the library. If that means the state grant is no longer to be received by the district, it should make taxpayers wonder if any of our local tax payments on earnings, profits and real estate are supporting the library?

I am no longer a resident of the Chartiers-Houston area, but care about the friends and relatives living there and one of the best little libraries in the county. How can the local residents continue to read in the Observer-Reporter that the library has drawn the short end of the straw while real estate taxes may be increased by 9 mills? Did the library know they were operating on grant funding that could go away in any given year?

Hopefully, there are some funds that can be found to support the library that would satisfy taxpayers who thought it was supported through local taxes, not Big Government.

Joann Diesel



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