In defense of pit bulls

June 16, 2014

All puppies, regardless of breed, like to play and jump and, unfortunately, that behavior sometimes results in minor injuries. Puppies generally do not attack because they are vicious.

People are always ready to make accusations against pit bulls when it is man that determines the breed’s destiny. People need to take the time to read some of the horrific stories that involve dog fighting. Is it OK for man to train and then torture these dogs for financial gain? Some of these dogs are discarded like trash if they refuse to fight.

Man has ruined the reputation of pit bulls and, unfortunately, people are not aware of the injustices that have been committed against this loving animal. Famous pit bulls include Petey from “The Little Rascals.” RCA Victor and the Buster Brown shoe company used pit bulls as their mascots. President Theodore Roosevelt and political activist Helen Keller were owners of pit bulls. Perhaps the most recognized pit bull was known as Sgt. Stubby, a decorated war dog during the first World War. He was a legend and a hero.

I am the owner of a pit bull and I wish people would educate themselves regarding the breed before passing judgment.

Kathy Politan



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