A solution to library funding woes

June 16, 2014

Residents and taxpayers of Trinity Area School District have learned, much to our dismay, that our district – we – will pay out $153,793 in severance pay and other substantial amounts of money (sick and personal days, health insurance) to Superintendent Paul Kasunich following a rather extensive “suspension with pay.”

The reasons for the separation are extensive; many questioned his hiring in the first place. However, at this point, it is in the best interests of the district that he not remain as superintendent. We must move forward from this mistake and do what is best for our students.

Fast forward to last Wednesday’s headline, “Citizens Library: Annual Donation from TASD could be cut.” The quote reads that the district’s position is “tied to its financial situation.”

Herein lies a solution that would help save the summer programs at the library: Let’s ask Kasunich to make a generous donation to Citizens Library to help save the library and its summer programs. In this way, he could support Citizens Library, keep its employees working and, most specifically, support the students of Trinity Area School District, about whom he claimed to care so deeply.

Marta Decker Bugaile

South Strabane

The writer was employed by Trinity Area School District for 37 years, and prior to that, was a staff member and volunteer at Citizens Library.


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