Pit bulls are loyal, loving

June 18, 2014

I enjoyed reading the June 8 article about Neil K. Morris, a Marine veteran from Speers, rescuing an abused pit bull dog.

It was a very heartwarming story and I respect him for what he is doing. What I don’t enjoy reading is a letter about it being all right to stab an animal. I am an animal lover, pit bulls included, and I do believe that a person comes first, especially a child. Yes, if the puppy was brutally attacking a child, it should not be allowed to hurt someone. But I don’t believe that was the case.

Why would the parents bring these puppies into a house with a small child knowing the reputation these dogs have? Were they training them to fight? Why would anyone leave a child on the floor with any puppy?

Yes, it was man who ruined the reputation of these loving and loyal animals. I really admire the kindness of Morris.

Debbie Jordan


Pit bulls are loyal, loving


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