Unconditional surrender in the Middle East

June 19, 2014

An unconditional surrender occurs when a war is raging and one side tells the other that they have had enough and are pulling out their troops with no conditions placed on the opposing forces. The intent and the results remain the same – the enemy knows when the troops are leaving and can regroup and then take over when the retreating troops are gone.

Iraq and Afghanistan are perfect examples of unconditional surrenders. The major problem is that in the Middle East, the “victorious forces” will never stop. Their goal is to take over the world and kill all infidels. Why we don’t believe them when they tell us what their goals are is beyond my comprehension. Israel believes them. The U.S. administration, the same people who surrendered, tell Israel we are “behind” them, but we pull the political rug out from beneath them at every opportunity.

I would like to believe our current administration is inept or just totally incompetent because the other possibilities are unthinkable.

Bill Mesler



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