UPMC denies exec made promises to shooting victims

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Associated Press

PITTSBURGH (AP) — The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is denying that a top executive visited two employees wounded in a psychiatric clinic shooting and promised to pay their medical bills.

The dispute has emerged in a lawsuit pitting a former Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic receptionist against the hospital network. The receptionist, Kathryn Leight, was critically wounded when a crazed gunman shot her and five others, killing one of them, in March 2008.
Leight and the other wounded employees are set to receive $500,000 from a settlement with the shooter's rental insurance company — but UPMC is trying to collect $200,000 from that settlement to recover medical expenses relating to workers' compensation claims.
Leight and the other employee claim that shouldn't happen because a UPMC executive visited them in the hospital and promised their medical bills would be covered.

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