Chartiers-Houston library has proven its worth

June 21, 2014

I am a former resident of Chartiers Township and the remaining survivor of three women who approached our school PTA and received $300 to start a community public library for Chartiers Township in the basement of Houston School in 1965. With its growth and progress to the present building, I was heartsick to read of its possible closing.

It was with blood, sweat and tears of our interested community, encouragement from our school district superintendent, Ralph E. Bluebaugh, school board members, municipal authorities and, finally, our state legislators, that this asset to our area was established. Besides educational classes for adults, summer activities for children to encourage reading, voting facilities, the library originated the Houston Pumpkin Festival within its facilities, started the senior citizens group for the township and sponsored trips for residents, among other activities to raise money.

I can appreciate the school board’s financial dilemma, having been the business manager for the library for over 30 years, besides working as an employee and volunteer. The well-written editorial in the Observer-Reporter June 10 certainly expressed the value of a library in any community and ours has proven its worth.

Louise Stauffer Rhoads



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