A missed opportunity in Waynesburg

June 22, 2014

It saddens me that Waynesburg University has missed such a wonderful opportunity to be a partner with, and an advocate for, our borough.

With our pooled resources, our lovely community could have prospered. Instead we have a severe shortage of suitable living spaces and empty storefronts. Indeed, in my tenure here of 35 years, I have lost count of the historic properties that have come under the university’s wrecking ball. Homes that one could never afford to replace, and an architectural heritage lost forever. Let us not also forget the lost income from these properties.

It disturbs me that our council allows a private university to demolish properties on our main street without architectural plans, or any plans at all for the sites, and no public hearings. Perhaps they are planning something unique and special next to our old theater, such as another parking lot?

I understand that Waynesburg University paid close to a half-million dollars to purchase the Peoples Bank building. I understand that it will probably cost close to twice this to demolish it. For a nonprofit organization, the university must have money to burn.

This town belongs to all of us, not just Waynesburg University.

Lisa M. Schwarz



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