Don’t forget Frank Mascara

June 25, 2014

On May 22, the Observer-Reporter ran an article, “Corbett kicks off re-election bid during Southpointe rally,” in which Gov. Tom Corbett lauded the natural gas industry and claimed to have created thousands of jobs.

Let’s be honest here: Gov. Corbett created nothing. Without industry, and their investments, the jobs would not be here.

“From this hilltop,” Corbett said at Southpointe, “you can see how many new buildings are here, how many new jobs are here. These were abandoned lands three, four, five years ago.”

Where has he been for 20 years? Yet he shows up in 2014 spouting his absurd exaggerations.

Gov. Corbett and Washington County’s commissioners need to be reminded that without the efforts of Frank Mascara, a former commissioner and congressman, Southpointe would never have become a reality.

Without the persistence of Mascara in pursuing the development of Southpointe in the first place, Washington County would not have been prepared for the challenge of bringing energy companies to the county. It really gives me a pain in the neck watching political candidates show up at sites like Southpointe and give the impression that they were part of its success.

I have approached many Washington County politicians suggesting a street be named Mascara Drive and it should be the main street leading into Southpointe, or a plaque should be permanently erected honoring the man who was the father of Southpointe. We should not forget the true history of progress that was forged in Washington County and who was really responsible for taking the lead.

Robert Fisher



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