A solution for illegal immigration

June 28, 2014

I have a solution to curb the number of illegal immigrants pouring across the United States’ southern border – since our elected officials will not abide by their oath to uphold the Constitution and protect the borders, I suggest we bus the illegals to Washington D.C. and let them camp out on the grounds of the White House and Capitol. Let the “Inside the Beltway” people deal with health care, lodging and feeding our guests. Let’s see what our elected officials do when they have to deal with them directly. I have a feeling they would pass a law to curb the onslaught.

Allowing this to happen is like someone walking into my home and demanding that I take care of them. Would anybody allow that to happen? Then why do we allow it to happen in our country? If we have no border, then I am afraid we have no nation. I have lost all hope and faith in elected officials, regardless of party.

Tom Flickinger



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