Crashes interrupt traffic throughout county

Photos by Francesca Sacco / Observer-Reporter
Traffic proved problematic for motorists Tuesday afternoon because of multiple accidents. A dump truck rear-ended a City Transit bus Tuesday afternoon in South Strabane Township. Above right, A five-vehicle crash, which included two tanker trucks, snarled traffic on Interstate 79 north around 5:30 p.m. Order a Print

Multiple crashes were reported in Washington County late Tuesday afternoon.

No serious injuries were reported, but a five-vehicle crash along Interstate 79 near Southpointe snarled rush-hour traffic. According to state police, traffic began to slow along I-79 around 5:30 p.m., and one of two tanker trucks or three cars involved could not stop in time, creating a chain-reaction accident, state police said. No injuries were report and additional information was not available.

About an hour earlier on Route 19, a dump truck rear-ended a City Transit bus and a car. South Strabane police said the bus and vehicle were stopped at a traffic light Manifold Road and Route 19. The truck attempted to stop but was unable and tired to switch lanes, striking both vehicles.

Only minor injuries were reported, but the bus transported all of its passengers to Washington Hospital as a precaution. The vehicles were removed from the roadway to prevent traffic disruptions. Additional information was not provided.

Both crashes remain under investigation.