Two more arrested in brutal Canton assault

July 2, 2014
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Jennifer S. Conley
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Joseph Edwin Plovic

State police arrested two more people in connection with the brutal assault of a 23-year-old woman inside a Canton Township home earlier this year.

Jennifer S. Conley, 31, and Joseph Edwin Plovic, 31, both of 1286 Sycamore Ave., Washington, were arraigned Wednesday before District Judge David Mark on charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, intimidation of victims, unlawful restraint, simple assault and indecent assault. Plovic is also charged with aggravated assault and terroristic threats.

Nicole Kass, 24, and Ronald Robert Osko, 20, were arrested by state police shortly after the assault at their home at 230 Charles St. They are awaiting trial on charges including aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and unlawful restraint. They remain in Washington County jail on $100,000 bond.

The woman told police Conley and Plovic participated with Kass and Osko in the assault, which lasted several hours beginning April 1 to the following day.

She told police she was at the home of Conley and Plovic earlier that day and the two had been fighting. She told police she went to the home of Kass and Osko so she could call the group home where she was living. When she called the home, she learned Conley and Plovic called, accusing her of stealing items from them.

Osko reportedly called Conley and looked through the woman’s belongings, refusing to let her leave. Conley and Plovic then arrived at the Charles Street home. Conley reportedly punched the 23-year-old in the face, causing her to fall and hit a coffee table.

The others reportedly joined in the assault. Osko allegedly had a machete he held to the woman’s neck, telling her it would be easy to cut off her head. Plovic allegedly pistol-whipped the woman. Kass is accused of encouraging the three, as well as kicking the woman, police said.

The 23-year-old reportedly blacked out several times. The woman also had her hands and legs tied behind her back with a rope. When she was able to free her hands, they were tied again. The group also shaved her head, put out cigarettes on her and urinated on her, police stated in court documents.

The woman told police they also wrote on her as they laughed. She told police she stopped trying to fight the assault because it was only making the attack worse.

She eventually was taken back to the home shared by Conley and Plovic. They allegedly told her they would beat her up if she told anyone or went to the hospital.

Injuries sustained by the 23-year-old included bruising and swelling to the head and face, ligature marks on her wrists and ankles, bruises on her back and abdomen and fractures to her face, nose and spine.

At the preliminary hearing for Kass and Osko, it was revealed the woman has a form of autism and Tourette’s Syndrome.

Conley and Plovic were placed in jail on $50,000 bond. A preliminary hearing is set for Wednesday in Central Court.

Kathie O. Warco has covered the police beat and transportation for the Observer-Reporter for more than 25 years. She graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in journalism.

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