Tax the natural gas industry

  • July 5, 2014

I read in the Observer-Reporter where big oil and gas groups are warning Pennsylvanians about the repercussions of imposing a severance tax on natural gas drilling. Really? Isn’t this called a threat?

I completely support raising taxes on the natural gas industry. Our legislators need to grow a spine and stand up to them. Let them go to Ohio or West Virginia. How many of us are profiting from this, aside from people who have allowed drilling on their property?

Gov. Tom Corbett had better change his tune, too, and quit defending them. He needs to step up and prove he is for the residents of Pennsylvania and not the oil and gas industry. We elected him to be the governor of the commonwealth, not the governor of oil and gas.

However, I’m not happy with Tom Wolf either.

Pam Morosky



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