We all win when unions do

July 9, 2014

George Will stated in a column that appeared in the Monday Observer-Reporter that the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court was correct in nullifying the payment of “fair share” fees by non-union members. But, in his infinite wisdom, Will did absolutely nothing in advancing the issues faced by all workers, union and non-union.

What the Supreme Court did was essentially make freeloading acceptable. When unions win in collective bargaining, all workers benefit. We all need to be accountable for what we get in the workplace.

If the attack continues on organized labor, all the blood shed during the labor strife of the 1920s will have been in vain. Will doesn’t have to worry about having enough money for milk and bread, or making sure the heat doesn’t go off, or having his child turned away because he doesn’t have medical care. We need to be mindful of the past and make sure everyone knows that where they are today, in all likelihood, was a direct result of what organized labor has achieved.

Barry L. Andrews


Andrews is the president of the Central Labor Council of Washington and Greene counties.


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