Everyone benefits from natural gas industry

July 12, 2014

One can confidently make three assumptions after reading Pam Morosky’s July 6 letter to the editor in regard to taxing the natural gas industry.

First, she does not own property that is being leased. Secondly, no family members or friends have been hired by the companies drilling in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Finally, she is not a small business owner. If Morosky fell into any of these categories, she would understand just how many Pennsylvanians are profiting from this. It appears that she may be experiencing a case of sour grapes.

Pennsylvania is thriving due to natural gas drilling, and we all should be grateful. Job growth in Pennsylvania is comparable to the national average, except in the area of natural gas drilling, where there has been an increase of 259 percent since 2007.

Local small businesses are also reaping the benefits of the natural gas drilling industry. I encourage Morosky to ask small business owners in this area how they feel about this booming industry. The local steel fabricator, restaurant owner, and market owners work hard to provide necessary goods and services, and are profiting from it. I am certain that small business owners would rather have the natural gas companies spend their money locally rather than send it to Harrisburg.

Simply put, just about everyone in Pennsylvania is benefitting from the natural gas industry. I am hopeful that the industry stays in our commonwealth and our area. But that’s probably what was said at one point about the coal industry, too.

Tracy L. Sushel



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