The land of “gimme pigs”

July 12, 2014

I am writing this on Independence Day, a holiday I used to really love and celebrate. This year, however, I have a totally different take on it, much like spending time with a friend dying of an incurable disease.

Instead of the Land of the Free, we seem to be moving toward The Land of the Oppressed, thanks to a toxic mixture of political correctness, career politicians who seek nothing but power, an education system that blames, not celebrates, the United States, and my fellow countrymen who have gone from being self-sufficient, free people to a bunch of human “gimme pigs.”

This toxic mixture took the rights of states away in 1913 when senators were no longer appointed by the states to protect their rights and interests, and is ending up with an all-out attack on law-abiding gun owners while arming every alphabet soup department in the Fedzilla structure. Also in 1913, the income tax was established, and caused the birth of a system where you and I are guilty unless we prove ourselves innocent, yet that very department can destroy self-incriminating email messages with no penalty.

When the president blatantly says he’ll bypass Congress, throwing a temper tantrum for not giving him everything he wants, uses the Imperial Revenue Service as a political weapon while his political party either agrees or turns a blind eye to the crimes, there is no longer rule of law, a basis of this country. When a benign tolerance of religion as guaranteed in the First Amendment is replaced by a nitpicky intolerance of Christianity in everyday life becomes the norm, the country is in a death spiral. When record numbers of Americans are no longer seeking work due to the highest corporate taxes in the world, but “our” government is allowing an invasion of illegal aliens, the beacon of hope is in need of a lamp change. When success is punished and demonized, and the unsuccessful are held up as the norm, we are on the wrong course and need an immediate U-turn.

So today, instead of raising a glass to celebrate the freedoms we have, I will raise mine in a toast to a dying friend and pray for a miracle to restore her to health.

Joe Furjanic



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