Editorial full of hyperbole

July 14, 2014

Your July 4 editorial on the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case makes assumptions, projections, and engages in wild hyperbole far beyond the court’s narrow decision.

But most of all, the Observer-Reporter failed to do its research and simply parroted the New York Times and claimed the decision was a “rejection of contraception.” Boy, do you look foolish. The case is not about contraception, but about abortion.

Then you go on to cite a blood transfusion and other procedures, as what could happen due to the decision. The 49-page majority opinion addresses many of your assumptions and conjectures, and the decision clearly and explicitly limits and rejects your assertions. But you go ahead and repeat the liberal New York Times mindset anyway.

It should be noted that the easiest way to bring down a nation is by demeaning the system, undermining its foundation, and encouraging doubt in the public’s mind to reject authority and reject the decisions of the highest authority. Then, you add doubt by claiming that the decision “was politics, pure and simple.” What a shameful gift you gave your readers on the Fourth of July.

I don’t’ think it makes you look foolish; I think it makes you dangerous to the American way of life.

Pasquale Verona



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