Where’s the beef?

July 17, 2014

The Wednesday Observer-Reporter article, “Food fight: Competing local organizations at odds over naming and logo” was disturbing.

The mission of both organizations is to “feed the hungry.” I volunteered my time to contact possible patrons for a donation for the food drive and was very explicit that any donations of money would go towards the purchase of food that would be given directly to the local food pantries and that this drive was not part of the Greater Washington County Food Bank (GWCFB), as requested by that organization.

I saw a letter posted on Facebook by a GWCFB board member that said the GWCFB trademark covered only the logo, a star with heart inserted, and not the name “Greater American Food Drive.” If the GWCFB chose to not support the Greater American Food Drive after having done so in the past, that is their right. But to put as much effort into disparaging the Greater American Food Drive when the mission of both organizations is the same makes me wonder what their true motive is. In my opinion, this drive eases the burden on the Greater Washington County Food Bank in supplementing the pantries with much-needed food. It is my understanding the McDonald food pantry has been out of food for three weeks and this drive would have helped them.

In the last three years, the Greater American Food Drive was able to collect over 700,000 pounds of food plus money to feed the hungry, so why does the GWCFB object to this good cause? Using corporate sponsors that also support the GWCFB is not a crime – it’s done all the time. Corporations support many causes. I don’t know of any instances where a nonprofit organization was given exclusive rights to corporate donations.

The Greater Washington County Food Bank has many directors and it’s hard for me to believe they all support this bickering. But if they do, they need to take a long hard look at their mission statement and put their efforts to better use. I believe the old saying of “cutting off your nose to spite your face” applies here and hopefully everyone can move ahead to feed the hungry.

Deborah Harter



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