Washington County is a pigsty

July 19, 2014

I am really weary of Pennsylvania. We have lived outside Amity for 15 years, and we have never had a summer worse than this. The fracking is out of control, as the huge trucks ruin bridges and pollute our air, not only with the gas but also with the diesel fuel, as over 200 trucks pass our home daily.

Columbia Gas is also replacing their lines this summer, and you can bet our bills will go up to pay for it because it is for our convenience. The latest travesty is the power company that had helicopters fly around a few weeks ago to spray trees under the lines. And the Observer-Reporter prints articles about honey bees. Do you realize we are killing everything in sight in rural areas that used to be quiet?

It is absolute hell living here, and we can’t sell and move now. Who would buy anything in this living hell? We pay the taxes on this property, but the gas and power companies and PennDOT determine how we will live or die on it.

Two weeks ago, the phone was out for four days. We called Verizon and the operator said they couldn’t do much about it because we chose to live in the country where the service is not so good. Seriously. It is our fault we have no phone, are being poisoned every day and cannot sit in our yard. A gas company representative was here in May, wanting to cut down the “brush and brambles” along our yard to make it clearer for gas company drivers traveling down Route 19. The “brush and brambles” happened to be an apple tree and forsythia bush we trim every spring.

I, as a taxpayer, am totally disgusted with the quality of life in Pennsylvania and, if I could, I would remove every sign along the road that tells drivers to come see “scenic Pennsylvania” and that Washington County is a “green county.” Washington County is a pigsty that even the pigs would flee if the bridge were not out.

Connie Shaw


Washington County is a pigsty


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