The root problem in America

July 19, 2014

Among other catastrophes, too much carbon in the atmosphere is acidifying the oceans at an unsustainable rate for life. “Murphycare” and the Environmental Protection Agency’s “war on coal” are headlines in U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy’s recent mailing, as Consol Energy celebrates its 150th anniversary by opening the largest coal mine in North America. Clearly, the EPA is losing the “war” along with its purpose, protecting the environment.

The problem is political: ignorant people voting against not only their interests, but also life in general. Humans are causing the sixth major extinction in geological history so rapidly that there is no precedent. Science is conservative. Rick Santorum and blue-collar Republicans are something else.

Alternatives to fossil fuel will provide Greene County, for instance, with green jobs and pollution-free energy. Why not now?

Fundamental as the environment, fear and ignorance of socialism is the root problem in America. We as a nation use El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to fight socialism with death squads and terrorism. Now, anti-socialist Republicans in particular want to return fleeing children, feeling no more responsible for the children than for too much carbon in the atmosphere.

Jim Greenwood


The root problem in America


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