A despicable, outrageous assertion

July 20, 2014

I took serious exception to the July 13 letter to the editor from Rebecca Simpson which implied that Tom Wolf’s service in the Peace Corps was somehow less patriotic than joining the military to fight in Vietnam.

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy created the Peace Corps to encourage young people to serve their country in a new and different way. His goal was to promote peace and enhance the image of America by directly helping the less fortunate and underdeveloped nations of this world.

At age 19, Tom Wolf answered that call to service . He was stationed in India where he worked in the agricultural sector of a village. His task was to show the people living there how to increase their rice crop production. Since its creation, the Peace Corps has done much to improve how people in distant lands see us. Many young Americans have heeded JFK’s call through the years. Even older Americans, like Lillian Carter, President Jimmy Carter’s mother, also spent time with the Peace Corps in India.

The politics of smear helps no one. I suggest that Simpson get the facts straight before attacking a good and decent man. To equate service in the Peace Corps with draft dodging is a despicable and outrageous assertion.

Carl A. Haberl



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