Cumberland man wanted for daytime burglary

July 24, 2014
Cody Andrew Gilblom

CARMICHAELS– Cumberland Township Police Department is seeking help in securing the apprehension of a man charged with one of five daytime burglaries committed in Carmichaels this month.

A felony warrant was issued for the arrest of Cody Andrew Gilblom, 21, of 105 Parkview Knoll, Carmichaels, for allegedly breaking into the residence of Dale and Suzanne Switalski at 585 Ceylon Road about 5 p.m. Monday. According to court documents, Gilblom pleaded guilty in the past to multiple burglaries, dating to 2010, from both Washington and Greene counties. However, police did not indicate if Gilblom is a suspect in the other four burglaries this month in Carmichaels.

Items reported stolen in the Switalski burglary included, approximately $150 in change, a lock box containing silver coin proof sets, a Smith and Wesson 9 mm Model 639 with holster, and several pieces of jewelry. Officers retrieved two rings and a bracelet taken in the burglary, allegedly sold to the Waynesburg Gold and Coin Exchange by Gilblom.

An employee at the establishment provided police with the sales receipt, and a copy of Gilblom’s photo identification used in the transaction. Dale Switalski positively identified the items to police as those belonging to his wife.

Working from a tip of identifying a suspicious person pacing next to a white Pontiac down the road from the Switalski’s on the day of the burglary, police tracked a similar car parked at the Parkview Knoll apartment complex just off of Ceylon Road. The car was registered to a Melina Bissett.

After reviewing security footage at the apartment complex, police identified the driver of the car as Bissett’s son, Billy Jack Pattison. Pattison fit the description of the person given in the tip. In the surveillance footage from the apartment complex, Pattison is seen parking a white Pontiac in front of apartment 105, the residence of Christina Rockwell. A second male, identified as Gilblom, is then seen exiting Rockwell’s apartment. According to a manager at the complex, Rockwell had only lived at Parkview Knoll about a month and Gilblom was known to be her boyfriend.

On July 23, police located the vehicle Pattison was driving at 22 Cumberland Village, Carmichaels, and made contact with him. Pattison told police he did not know anything about the burglaries in the area.

Lt. John Beckus told Pattison the vehicle he was driving was identified as one parked down the street from the burglary at the Switalski’s, and someone fitting his description was seen driving it. According to a criminal complaint filed before Greene County Magisterial District Judge Lee Watson, Pattison told Beckus he gave Gilblom a ride July 1 to Ceylon Road and Route 21, near Michaels Auto. When Pattison dropped him off, Gilblom allegedly told him to drive down the road and he would meet him there. Pattison said he then drove to the area of Little Chicago and Ceylon Roads and waited for Gilblom.

According to Pattison, Gilblom did not have anything in his hands when he exited the vehicle but when he returned, 30 minutes later, he was running down the road carrying a white plastic bag. Police said Pattison told them he didn’t know what was inside the bag but noted hearing the sound of coins.

Pattison said Gilblom then asked for a ride to Waynesburg where he again had Pattison wait along the road while he went somewhere. Upon Gilblom’s return Pattison drove him back to Carmichaels, according to the complaint.

The surveillance video from Parkview Knoll depicts Pattison dropping Gilblom off, carrying a white bag into Rockwell’s apartment, according to police.

The burglary at the Switalski’s was the third to occur on Ceylon Road in July. Two other burglaries took place on Old Waynesburg Road and one on Maple Street. All happened within a one-mile radius.

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Gilblom is asked to call Cumberland Township Police Department at 724-966-8296.

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