End the “food fight”

  • July 26, 2014

“Food fight erupts in area,” your July 16 article on the feud between the Washington County Food Bank and the Great American Food Drive, was very depressing to read.

When asked, I have helped to collect food and have also volunteered at the Washington County Food Bank to distribute food to those who have hit some hard times. Until you donate some of your time and work there, you can’t comprehend how many people count on food banks and pantries.

I can’t seem to interpret the statement given by the president of the food bank’s board, Peg Wilson, when she said that in May 2013, the board unanimously voted to establish this new organization, the Great American Food Drive, and now is saying it is a rival of the Washington County Food Bank. How can this be competition for them, when both organizations are going to be raising money and acquiring food to feed the hungry?

Diana Irey Vaughan, a Washington County commissioner, is serving as the chairwoman for the Great American Food Drive. I am certain she would not be involved if this organization was questionable. All the Great American Food Drive is trying to do is get more food and feed as many people in Washington County as they can. So why all the discord? Does it really matter if the food bank gets five or 10 pallets food and the Great American Food Drive gets more or less?

It appears there is a lack of harmony among board members of the Washington County Food Bank and they should all step back and do what is right for the entire county. This could be hurting a lot of families in the future.

Gloria Marinkovich



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