Nude Washington County man on leash investigated in W.Va.

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A West Virginia prosecutor is investigating a bizarre incident involving a Washington County man who, a witness claimed, was seen crawling on his hands and knees nude in Roney’s Point while being walked on a leash Tuesday morning by a fully dressed woman.

Ohio County, W.Va., Sheriff Patrick Butler said the prosecuting attorney there, Scott R. Smith, is expected Monday to announce whether any charges will be filed against the man believed to be from Claysville.

The caller said the couple were walking about 9:30 a.m. near a residence close to Route 40, Butler said.

The investigating deputy sheriff, Nelson Croft, reported the couple were visiting friends and wearing clothing when he arrived, adding they apparently were having consensual outdoor sex when police were initially called to the scene.

Butler said the charge under consideration is indecent exposure.

He did not identify the couple.

Roney’s Point is near Interstate 70 and just across the West Virginia line from Washington County.

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