Residents get a chance to try out the new Mon View Park pool

August 1, 2014
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Bob Niedbala/Observer-Reporter
A young man tries out the water slide at the newly-renovated Mon View Park pool on Friday. Order a Print
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Bob Niedbala / Observer-Reporter
Area residents take advantage of the chance to swim in the updated Mon View Park pool, which underwent a $780,000 renovation. Order a Print
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Bob Niedbala / Observer-Reporter
Two-year-old Tate Ransom enjoys the new wading pool at Mon View Park Friday. Order a Print

GREENSBORO – It’s been a long hot summer for many children in southeast Greene County, made even longer and hotter as their normal spot to cool off, the Mon View Park pool, was closed for renovations.

The work, however, is nearing an end and, on Friday, the community had the chance to try out the new pool before its official re-opening Aug. 9.

“It’s beautiful,” said Greensboro Council President Mary Shine, who watched as children took to the water. “It’s really a great addition to the community. We’re very grateful the county did this.”

The pool, constructed when the park was first developed about 60 years ago, was at the point of closing at the end of last season, said Jake Blaker, director of the county’s parks and recreation department.

One of the problems: “We couldn’t keep water in it; the drains underneath were all rotted,” he said. The filtration system also was shot and there were concerns whether it would remain safe for swimmers, he said.

The choices were to renovate the pool, close it or replace it with something like a “splash park,” not quite a pool but a facility at which people could at least cool off in the summer, county Commissioner Chuck Morris said.

The splash park was a consideration, he said. “But we realized after a while that for a couple hundred thousand dollars more, we could redo the whole pool,” he said.

The county has pools in Waynesburg and Carmichaels and the state has a pool at Ryerson Station State Park, Morris said. “We thought it was important that people have a pool in this part of the county, too,” he said.

Commissioner Archie Trader spoke of other efforts that were made to revitalize the area, citing Greensboro, which has a river trail and recently installed a kayak launch on the river. “We think this fits right in with what they are trying to do,” he said.

Commissioner Blair Zimmerman also spoke of the area’s revitalizations efforts and noted as a child he occasionally would come to the Mon View pool to swim.

“It was a vacation from Waynesburg,” Zimmerman said. His assessment of the changes: “I think it looks great; it’s beautiful.”

The $780,000 project was funded by a $100,000 state grant and by the county’s Act 13 natural gas impact fee money. Port Vue Plumbing was the contractor.

The project was expected to be completed July 1, but was delayed because of weather and the need to construct a new pump building, which was not part of the original plans, said Jeff Marshall, county clerk.

The renovation involved pretty much rebuilding the pool from the ground up. “The footprint is the same, but everything else is new,” Blaker said. All drains were replaced and a new bottom and sides constructed.

A new filtration system also was added. “It has a state-of-the-art filtration system,” Blaker said. “This pool, like the other two county pools, now has a system in which the water quality is controlled by a computer,” he said.

The rebuilt pool also has a new water slide and climbing wall. The separate wading pool for younger children is also new and has several pieces of equipment that send jets of water into the air.

Part of the project also had entailed installing new equipment in the park’s nearby playground.

The pool will be closed until Aug. 9 to allow the contractor to complete minor work. Once it re-opens, it will remain open until the end of the summer pool season Aug. 24.

Bob Niedbala worked as a general assignment reporter for the newspaper for 27 years in the Greene County bureau. He received a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Pittsburgh.

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