Washington will become a ghost town

August 2, 2014

People going to the city of Washington, beware – city officials must believe that everyone has gas well money.

I had business at the Social Security office and parked on West Beau Street. I put my quarters in the meter, because of course they only take quarters now, and there were three people ahead of me in line. So I was a few minutes late getting back to my car and there was a ticket on the windshield. It cost $10 if I could pay it within 24 hours.

I am on a fixed income and do not have that kind of money to spare. I didn’t know that you had better have a roll of quarters to put in the meter for something that should have taken 15 or 20 minutes.

Between this, rent, and the cost of living, Washington will become a ghost town, and from what I observe, it deserves to.

Janice Simpson



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