Good Samaritans spruce up Meadow Lands home

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MEADOW LANDS – Some people in need of help around the house fill out applications in hopes a band of church volunteers based in Meadow Lands will visit their homes with tools, and maybe fresh paint, to improve their living arrangements.

Others are found by parishioners at Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Church, who target single mothers, people with health problems or the elderly to make needed repairs to their homes.

“We’d like to start doing stuff for handicapped veterans,” said Bob Bradley, a leader of the Roman Catholic church’s Good Samaritan Project.

Ten group members toiled Saturday at a Meadow Lands mobile home on Belmont Avenue belonging to Tony Haley, who is disabled. They painted interior walls and installed insulation and new skirting under the mobile home to keep out animals and also make the residence warmer for Haley during the winter.

The project came about a year ago after a message was delivered at a Mass encouraging parishioners to make sacrifices.

Bradley said the project also sends the message that Miraculous Medal hasn’t forgotten its responsibility to administer to the poor.

“Hopefully other people will see us doing this and will try to do similar things,” Bradley said.

He said it makes the people they help “happy that someone wants to do something nice for them.”

Their message was delivered to Haley, who grew up an orphan, and vowed Saturday to help the Good Samaritans on future projects.

“I want to express how grateful and appreciative I am,” said Haley, whose mobile home received about $2,000 in improvements, not including labor.

“There are good people out there,” he said.

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