Deploying industry spin tactics

  • August 3, 2014

While watching a newscast the other night, I saw U.S. Rep. Tom Marino of Pennsylvania’s 10th District say “there is not one piece of documented evidence that shows that fracking is contaminating the water, the ground, the air.”

This statement was made one week after Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale held a press conference and documented 209 cases of water contamination from gas drilling, as determined by the Department of Environmental Protection.

We know the congressman’s statement too well as an industry spin tactic. The gas industry refers to fracking as one part of the process where charges are set off underground to break up the shale. This stage generally doesn’t contaminate groundwater. Most laymen and average Joes think of “fracking” as the whole process. But there are many parts of the process that do contaminate the water, ground, and air. Using this carefully crafted statement is meant to mislead and confuse the average Joe into believing that fracking is safe.

It is like saying, ”There is not one documented case of a gun killing someone”, but omitting the fact that it’s the bullets that do.

Scott Cannon



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