School consolidation will save money

August 9, 2014

The editorial, “Schools can consolidate,” which appeared in the newspaper July 31, was great.

I would go one step further and note that all those increased administrative salaries have helped cause the state’s pension crisis. Both issues should be addressed together. Communities aren’t getting enough bang for their buck. In the Trinity Area School District, taxpayers are paying both the pension and the salary of a departed administrator. The same is occurring at the state level with former Secretary of Education Ron Tomalis.

The federal Department of Education’s costs are overwhelming. They add a lot to the cost of educating a child. The state Department of Education doesn’t help in preventing a rogue administrator from collecting salary when not working, and they should take away his or her certification, which they won’t do.

If people want to reduce property taxes, then they should push to reduce the number of administrators and school consolidation. If one leaves it up the administrators to cut budgets, they will never cut their own jobs or consolidate jobs to take on additional tasks. From past experience, we know they choose to increase class sizes and cut teachers and support staff.

Thanks to the Observer-Reporter for highlighting the issue. Now how can this be done?

Gay Vroble



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