Mystery Photo No. 68

August 10, 2014

This week’s Mystery Photo was made from one of a group of negatives in a box marked “Chartiers Valley, 1966-1967” in the Observer-Reporter’s archives. That narrows down the time somewhat, and the newspaper’s Chartiers Valley office was in Canonsburg, which might be where this photo was taken.

But why were all these people congregated, and why was a newspaper photographer summoned to this scene? What was happening – an accident, a fire, a labor strike? These are things we would like to know, and we hope our readers can help us out.

Some in the crowd appear to be conversing with the driver of the car. The expressions on most of the faces are grim, except for one woman standing alone on the right with a beaming smile. The photo was taken in bright sunlight on a cold day, either early in the morning or late in the afternoon, judging from the length of shadows.

If you think you recognize any of the people in the photo or have an idea why or where they were assembled, email Park Burroughs, retired executive editor, at, or call and leave a message for him along with your telephone number at 724-222-2200, extension 2400.

With a little luck and help from our readers, we may be able to solve this puzzle and publish our findings next Monday.



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