DOE searching for abandoned wells in Hanover

Photo of Mike Jones
By Mike Jones
Greene County Bureau Chief

The U.S. Department of Energy is notifying people living in northern Washington County that workers will be flying low in a helicopter over Hillman State Park while searching for “long-abandoned” oil and gas wells on that land.

The helicopter will be flying over the state park in Hanover Township, just north of Route 22, from Friday to Aug. 29, along with two other state parks in Pennsylvania, as the department’s National Energy Technology Laboratory tries to pinpoint the exact locations of the abandoned or unrecorded wells.

The workers will use technology that allows them to detect changes in the magnetic field in the area that would indicate steel casing from wells are in the ground.

The survey will also allow them to learn if any of the wells are emitting methane gas.

The NETL will also be searching for abandoned wells at Oil Creek State Park in Venango County and Susquehannock State Forest in Potter County.

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