Cecil road repairs being contested

August 14, 2014
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Emily Petsko / Observer-Reporter
Several Cecil Township residents have complained that Coleman Road, shown here, is more in need of repairs than another road the township has approved for work. Order a Print
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Emily Petsko / Observer-Reporter
Cecil Township officials authorized spending about $186,000 to pave and repair a section of Angerer Road in Southpointe and remove trees along the road. Order a Print

CECIL – Cecil Township will soon pave and repair Angerer Road in Southpointe, but some residents want officials to consider another road in need of costly construction.

During a meeting Thursday morning, supervisors voted unanimously to hire contractors to pave Angerer Road and remove trees too close to the road at a total cost of $186,131. The road is pockmarked and has water trapped underneath.

Chairman Andy Shrader, Vice Chairwoman Cindy Fisher and Supervisor Frank Ludwin voted in favor of the project, which has been considered for about five years. Supervisors Tom Casciola and Elizabeth Cowden were absent.

Only a few residents were in attendance because of the early meeting time, but some spoke strongly against the planned repairs to Angerer Road, which is about a mile long and connects Burnside Road to Technology Drive.

Judy Bowser said the township should no longer delay repairs to Coleman Road, which connects Route 50 to Route 980. She said the route is taken by school buses, and the township doesn’t seem worried that edges of the road are collapsing.

“This road has been put back and put back and put back,” Bowser said. “I don’t see concern.”

Fisher said Canon-McMillan School District officials told her only one bus travels on Coleman Road. She said, regardless, the township takes the safety of its residents seriously.

“Our decision today on Angerer Road does not mean we are not considering Coleman Road,” Fisher said. “It is a long process, and there are a lot of things to consider.”

Township engineer Daniel Deiseroth said he and public works director Bill Bottorff will present a report at the next meeting on Coleman Road.

“Again it’s a very expensive road, it’s a long road,” Deiseroth said of Coleman. “No matter what, there’s still a lot of paving that needs to be done on there.”

Ron Fleeher did not disagree with Angerer Road repairs, but he thinks it’s a piecemeal plan. Fleeher contested the township’s plan to install underdrains instead of storm drains.

He said McConnell Road has no storm drains, and it’s being repaired this year after being paved just two years ago.

“You’re going to do the same thing on this road,” Fleeher said. “The water’s going to get under the road and break it off, and you’re going to be back there in three years patching it up. I guarantee it.”

Deiseroth said if they’re constructed well, drainage ditches work just as well as storm drains. He also said the township is saving $7,000 by moving forward with the project now because the Butler-based paving subcontractor is in the area for another project.

The township will pave and install drains for a 1,600-foot section of Angerer Road between Overlook Drive and Burnside Road. The developer of The Overlook at Southpointe, a housing complex in the process of being developed, will pave the remainder of the road.

Emily Petsko joined the Observer-Reporter as a staff writer in June 2013. She graduated from Point Park University with a dual bachelor's degree in journalism and global cultural studies.

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